My name is Catherine Bacon and this is my internet Au Pair Kitchen where I hang-out, cook, bake and take too many pictures.

A self-confessed balanced foodie sharing simple family friendly recipes that are full of flavour. Life is too short for bland and boring, children need to be lured into experiencing meals from around the world.

Born and bred in the country side of Hampshire England, with my sister, brother and parents. I grew up travelling the world with my family and have multicultural relatives where I have learnt to make and taste different foods. I recently travelled to Australia in December 2015 to have a bit of fun, and am currently in Sydney living and working as an Au Pair for a great family of five.

While working with my host family and cooking for three boys, parents and myself I am always having to come up with different ideas for big meals to suit the children and us adults. I would spend time always searching online for different recipes that’s best for the whole family.

I am always having conversations with other friends who are Au Pairs about ‘what should I cook for dinner tonight‘ or ‘will I have enough time to cook this meal, before I pick the kids up from sports?‘ and ‘what do you put in your kids lunches’ …etc 

That’s when I started working on this blog. It’s here because it’s easier for you to decide what to cook for your host family. Fast, creative, clever and fresh for those busy weeknights.

Welcome to my Blog! Please contact me if you have any advise, thoughts or help, I’m free (when away from the kids).

Catherine (Bacon) x