Freezer Food

 End of the week and you realise you have no time or clue what to cook for the children? 

When you’ve either ran out of ideas or food to cook the kids for dinner or your freaking out during that “witching hour” this is the best time to get out those meals you’ve stored in the freezer. As you can see I used up my homemade Turkey Burgers, pies, sausages and garlic bread, including sides of mash potato, sweetcorn and veg.

The ‘witching hour” has been described for that time of the day when the children are suddenly restless, agitated, and whiney. Well, it normally hits right about the time you need to be getting dinner on the table. There you are with a child beside you or a baby in your arms, trying to make dinner with one hand.

It doesn’t have to be that hard. Cook ahead and freeze either complete meals or parts.

It’s ok during the week to use these meals, you should definitely include fresh veg, which you can easily boil. Wait, you can even buy frozen veg. OMG! Next time you’re at the supermarkets pick a bag of mixed veg from the freezer isle. You can boil these or pour into a bowl and microwave.

Less cleaning! Making clean up quicker and easier, so you can get back to being with the children.

When some family have different dietary needs. It can be difficult if your whole family can’t eat the same foods. Freezer cooking can help. Cook a bunch of meals for that person. That way you’re not cooking two meals every time you cook.

If you make batches, you make it at home you can control the ingredients. You make it exactly how you like it. Healthier and testes much better.

I hope this helps you with some week day meal planning!



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