This is by far my favourite yoghurt at the moment! 

It’s delicious, it’s creamy, the sweetness of mango blended with the tartness of passionfruit as you bite into the pips, all combined to create this tantalising twist.

I’m not lying when I say that this brand has the richest, creamiest, most delicious dairy products you’ll ever taste. Also not lying when it’s obviously not the most healthiest treat either. So don’t tempt yourself too much by eating the whole pot in one seating… like I’ve done before.

So sit back and savour the great taste of Farmers’ Market style Gippsland Dairy. Slowly, of course. Add this on top of your cereal, afternoon treat for the children or even on top of some dessert.

Check out all their flavours, even their website is mouth-watering:


Below are similar yoghurt’s but different brands. Both have loads of different flavours. The sizes of these pots are perfect for breakfast, a mid afternoon snack, as a dessert or in lunch boxes for the kids and yourself.

Find them in your local supermarket now.



Tamar Valley:



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  1. Ohh sounds refreshing! 🙂

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  2. Sounds delicious, can we get it in the UK?


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