Bangers & Mash


Get some great bangers down you now. 

Bangers: Sausages (beef/pork)

Mash: Mashed potato

You can’t go wrong with fresh gourmet sausages. Last minute rush to the shops, or why not go down to your local butchers for the best quality, a ‘not to miss’ deal.

Stick them on a tray into the oven or grill, for a crunchy juicy finish.

Depending on the packet, sausages take at least 20 minutes to cook through. Check and turn the bangers around once or twice with tongs or a fork for an even cook through.

You can put them into a casserole for more flavouring. You could even cut them up and make a simple tomato sauce and serve with pasta for the kids.

I served the children sausages with mash, homemade gravy and some vegetables (carrots/broccoli/green beans) on the side.

Perfect for those cold wintery evenings. This meal reminds me of being at home, in my local pub for a quick grub on a friday night. A family favourite.

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