The Kitchen

Why its a great idea to be starting to cook in the kitchen now with the family.

Cooking Skill Level: 

EASYYou have not cooked anything before 

BEGINNERYou can cook basic meals but do not very often 

INTERMEDIATEYou cook regularly and can cook most meals

ADVANCEDYou can cook very often, anything for breakfast, lunch and evening meals/deserts (use your own initiative) 


  • Where the action is – families are always at some point in the kitchen, get yourself involved there, even if it isn’t cooking.
  • Great way to bond, chat and learn from each other.
  • Your entire family gets to eat lovely food – you can find out what the children are starting to like and dislike (even if it is vegetables, be stubborn, there’s always a way).
  • The children learn other skills, such as planning maths in a playful manner – I find this easier with baking, especially because they love licking the bowls and spoons at the end.
  • Sharing the kitchen with the children encourages their interest in cooking – get them involved in some taste tests while your cooking. Also it shows the children the types of food that are going into the meals, tasting and smelling the food before and after cooking.
  • Cheaper – using leftovers. No takeaway. No microwave meals. Exploring different grocery stores and seeing whats on offer, difference in prices and the quality of groceries that best suits you and the family.
  • Makes you creative and confident about food – this encourages lifelong habits for you, the parents and the children.
  • Great way to share your culture with the family – the children can learn history of foods and countries. Learn more about you, your family and country.



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